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Whether you need only one logo to be embroidered or ten thousand , we will ensure that they are treated with the necessary respect and care. We are a new company but have more than 20 years experience in the business and therefore we have the knowledge and equipment to do good to your branding. With the current economical situation it is important to stay competitive and therefore we are open to price negotiation on larger quantities.We focuses on quality and an excellent service. Our track record shows that our spoil rate is at least ten times less than the industry average.

Most of our embroidery machines are Tajima machines which are worldwide rated of the highest quality. We are proud to be the main embroiderer of the Sun City Million Dollar golf tournament and various other prestigious and important events. Original artwork is transformed into embroidery stitching files by skilled employees utilising one of the best digitizing software programs in the world. The support from Wilcom is excellent and customers can even download a design viewing program from their web site.

The price of embroidery is based on the number of stitches and complexity in each design and the number of units in each run. We are big enough to handle the thousands and small enough to ensure that our customer’s expectations are exceeded!

If you would like to find out more about our Embroidery services, please contact us!

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Our main areas of expertise is the following:

Digitization of Shirt Embroidery

Digitization of T Shirt embroidery

Corporate clothing

Our main areas of expertise is the following:






and Panel Embroidery